the fine print

This is what I refer to as “Clause B”. If this was a box of Panado’s then this would be referred to as the Package Leaflet and if this was an appliance this would be called a Instruction Manual.. But since this is neither of these things we will stick to Clause B.


All information held within this site is not for redistribution and cannot be sold without first asking permission from the Author & Owner, B.

If you feel that you really, really must share the information held within this site then by all means look deep within yourself and ask … Will B approve?

I choose not to use real names, addresses and phone numbers when I write so that people who don’t know me cant stalk me and others.. and those that do know me, know all the information and have heard all my woes and blah blah’s anyway, so It’s fine.

If you don’t like what I post , then just don’t read it. If you read something and a brain fart appears in your cerebral cortex which makes you think that you may know the person I am referring to… Good for you! If you feel that I have been unfair to this person.. Email me at .. I will file it for you…

This entire site consists of experiences and people that surround me. I do not lie about events (Yes, I do plan to take over the world with my 2IC) or fabricate people. These are my opinions and are mine alone.Opinions are like armpits…

However, Opinions are abit like Armpits.. We all have them but most of them stink… If you feel my armpit stinks.. Then please remove your nose and stop sniffing it! No one is forcing you to sniff my armpit nor is my armpit forcing itself onto you!

That being said… I hope you enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy writing them! And I write this blog for one really important reason…Because I can…

The content held within this site is not intended to hurt anyone at all and those posts that may be construed as hurtful have probably been watered down so they should be very pleased!

Anonymous comments are stupid.. If you think you can post anonymously and think that I will not know who it is.. It is my duty to inform you that you are indeed very stupid. There happens to be an IP attached to every post that is very traceable. So please save yourself the embarrassment and just either keep quiet or put your name to it.. No one likes a coward who hides behind his/her mommies skirt and sticks their tongue out.. I have scissors and not afraid to use it!

That is it for now and I will obviously have to ad to this as more and more stinky armpits get emailed to me..



6 thoughts on “ReadMe

  1. ‘There happens to be an IP attached to every post that is very traceable.’

    I love your blog, doll, but I have to ask you this:

    How do you track down people using their IP addresses? Are you saying that you can identify individual anonymous users using only their IP addresses? I am not being sarcastic when I say, please let me know how you do this, because my blog is also plagued by anonymous posters.

    So, here is my anonymous post, and a big challenge for you: If you can identify me, my user name, my blog and my location, I will be very impressed indeed.


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