Who I Bee

I suppose this is where I tell you more about me and who I am, aspire to be.. etc etc etc!

So here goes me..


My name is Briget,  you can just call me B.

I am *censored* years old with two very handsome boys, two stepdaughters, a stepson , a little grandbaby girl and I live with my Husband SexyG. We are not your average nuclear family type because as you will soon discover there are evil little trolls lurking about our lives namely Hairy Knuckle and Arsef?K.. But we just try and ignore them in the hope that they will fizzle out or blow up…

I work for myself and if you ask me what I do all day I will say I slave..If you ask my work colleagues they will say I pop in from time to time and make them tea. So who you gonna believe! The debate continues…

So browse all you like through the posts and leave comments if you want.. Its all the same to me.. I find writing about something prevents me from acting on urges… so clackity clackity I go just to stop myself from sticking my foot up Hairy Knuckles arse or drag Arsef?k under my car for 20Km’s…

*IMPORTANT UPDATE* The urge to drag anyone under my car is long gone. Not that I won’t do what I must when the need arises, it is just that I am now more inclined to just drive off in a different direction and let the madness consume itself without me baring witness. — see here.

Because I can…


19 thoughts on “Who I Bee

  1. Hey this is lekker!! I dig reading your blog, keep righting this shit, it is bril!!

    Loz of luvies


  2. My sympathies Briget. Hope that your memories of your mom are some comfort.

  3. hi … im from malaysia … u have nice very good life story …keep it up

  4. I wasn’t going to comment again already but I can’t stand seeing you talk to yourself. You have more personalities even than I–and you haven’t even met my Molly Muff and her________named Rod_________.

    Well, at least you haven’t been reduced to doing male characters yet.

    btw, I took the beer already.


  5. Hi Briget

    I just stumbled across your blog about an hour ago, and I’ve chuckling along from one post to the next ever since.

    Sorry to hear about your troubles with hairy majob and arse thingy, although sadly I must admit, they inspire you to very funny writing. So in some wack way I’m grateful for them too. 🙂

    I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed, and I’ll be popping in every now and then.

    Take care, keep up the good posts & God bless,

  6. HI Franciuos .. Thanks for stopping by!.I am glad you enjoyed my adventures so far.. Stay tuned for more..

  7. hi b
    great blog

    i checked it out
    i love reading it
    i just need you to send me a t-shirt

    snake is out

  8. Hi briget,
    Yay, found your blog………it’s really interesting.
    Was really great to meet you on Friday.

  9. I ran across your blog in a google image search.
    Of course, I was intrigued by the… ahh… spandex pic. eh heh.
    Cleva blog! I like your writing style! Howzit gave away your nationality I think? – South African living in AU? Thought I saw some “lekker” in the comments somewhere.
    Any way, just an observation (I’m American tuned Boer Vrou)… like your stuff and your writing style keeps ’em coming!

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