This month marks 10 years since my beloved mom left us.

This month marks what would have been my Dad’s 85th Birthday…


Can November kick me in the balls or what!!???

So in my many, oh so many, years of business and dealings with people, I am grateful for the lessons these parents of mine have taught me.

We all have these thoughts that our parents are possibly the best ever humans – and I agree with you in your assessment of your parents. If you believe they are/were the best. Then it must be so. If you believe they were quite dodge – there may be some truth to it. You were there. Not me. I trust you.

However, for me – My parents were the best I could’ve asked for. They were what I needed, even though I could’ve done without the heartache and pain of the complications that came with being in a complicated family. But perhaps due to the realities of complications, it gave me a sense of realism and truth.

He taught me humanity and people, she taught me love and forgiveness.

People are assholes – there I said it.

“MONEY unmasks the man, POWER reveals the corrupt & DESPERATION can drive the weak underground yet also power the strong to survive.”

This past Sunday, while doing a craft market (my side bizznizz) – I spotted an old client whom I parted ways with abruptly earlier this year. He withheld payment for a period of months while he tried to wring every ounce of profit& dignity from me, at which point I fired him. This did not go down well with him, as he is used to being pandered to with his money and influence. I couldn’t give a farts ass who he thinks he is. Money talks and bullshit walks….

(this gif reminds me sooooo much of my Dad…hahahahahahaha)

But I digress… So I spotted him with his little family and he immediately turned away. And I couldn’t help but feel the sense of relief as I knew in that moment that even though it was a big client – I definitely dodged a bullet there. He couldn’t even bring himself to greet me or even look in my direction. This is the mark of a weak individual. A person with some shame and possibly skeletons of past workers buried in his garden.

I am glad for the lessons life has taught me. The sight to recognise poison and the strength to be able to walk away. I wish some of them were not so hard – but am thankful for them nonetheless.

But mostly I am thankful for those truths bestowed upon me by my parents… My dad was the first person to tell me that people were assholes and my mom was the first to teach me how to forgive them for their shortcomings and move on.

Sometimes not easy to do. But in time – I strive to move past it all and laugh it off.

Now if I can just find a way out of November – that would be GREAT!!!


P.S. In remembrance of my Mom – I have a Tattoo commission on the cards. This is a HUGE tat which will be over the top of my right arm in all its glory. Was really hoping to get it done this month to help me through this crazy month of sadness and pain but my bank balance is less than fabulous due to unforeseen madness. Shit happens and I will just do it as soon as the fog clears again. BUT as soon as I do it – I promise to share the beauty of it all 🙂