Question for the ages…

This morning I huffed and puffed in front of the mirror…

Turned to the Husband and this is how it went:

Me: “Why am I still fat?, I feel like I am on this hamster wheel and never getting anywhere..”

Him: “This is kind of how it is, it requires constant effort”

Me: “I hate exercise, why must I give this ‘constant effort’ anyway? Lots of people don’t have to do any damn effort.. And here I am starving myself, running around like I am being chased and being forced to do damn burpees!! WHY!??”

Him: “You have to speak to your parents about the genetic side of things.. Hahahaha!!”

He actually fucken laughed. Can I kill him now? *grabs blunt spoon*


Him: “but seriously though, lots of people don’t like exercise – but they do it to keep the weight under check and to be able to do things, like move….”

.. At this point I stopped listening because- REALLY, he is not understanding my pain.

I hate exercise – I am not one of those that get a ‘high’ from it. Or enjoy it while I do it or even look forward to it at any point of my life. It needs to be noted, I WON’T suddenly GROW TO LOVE IT – I am not new at this. I have been forced into it for many years now. Kicking and fucking Screaming.

Been like this my whole life. Remember telling a bf once (back in the day) to fuck right off when he suggested a jog. He obviously didn’t have my needs in mind and I did not need that negativity.

Which is probably why I am standing in the mirror today, crying over my fat rolls…

Oh well – Bootcamp tonight it is then. (With a chocolate between my teeth, of course)