Is it actually Flat?

Do you remember when we first discovered that the earth was round???

Ja, me neither. I wasn’t there.

I just took for granted that it is round because this is what I was told.

Now there are those disputing this fact with some interesting questions. They cleverly refer to themselves as “Flat Earthers’  .

I doubt that their questioning is rational but I appreciate the questions nonetheless. Questions are the doors to communication and enlightenment. Regardless if they are right or wrong.

Who am I to say it isn’t true? I have no actual concrete evidence of a round earth as I haven’t even made a trip to Cape Town! My worldly experience is very locally based.There are budgies who have more travel experience than I do.

That being said, I do find it difficult to believe that the conspiracy theorists regarding Flat Earth have much of an leg to stand on.

Because WHY?

Why would all the governments collude to keep the lie alive? Think of the space programs, the mass of lies wrt air travel and so forth. Would we not have seen any wall by now?

More questions than answers.

Makes my brain hurt. So for now, I choose to believe in a circle of love as opposed to a disc of lies…