Nice things…

Hello there all, look at me writing an actual blog post. Not just instagramming snapshots of my life as I go forth in my daily madness.

Not sure if I mentioned but I have been down with what can only be described as MANFLU! Or SARS.. same thing. I swear I came *THIIIIISSSSSCLOSE* to kicking the bucket–urgh!

It has been so damn stressful trying to get better and regain some physical strength as I need to get back to exercising in the next day or two.. I can feel the CLOCK OF DOOM hanging over my head, ticking away the minutes in full volume and stereo.

Why the pressure??? Because silly me signed up for a Muddy Princess and I only have another 22 days before I have to don my tutu and slosh around the obstacle course like a hippo on drugs. Going to be fun?? Hahahaha… here’s hoping πŸ˜‰

This weekend I plan to vitamin myself up to my eyeballs to chase away the last of the nasty germs and hit the ground limping by Monday! Please keep me in your prayers that all goes as planned.

Before I run off in search of my happy pants and vitamins, I wanted to share something with you that happened to me today.

I had to go to the dentist, and if you know me. I kakked off.

Thinking to myself – what a KAK way this is to kick off the weekend.
Lest we forget to mention that I have an irrational fear of just going there. Even though nothing bad has really happened that I can recall offhand but my anxiety is off the charts. However, I always leave feeling like an overworked drama queen because it is NOT A BAD place, and I DID NOT DIE!!! FFS!! But anyway, I digress…

So there I am, sitting in the waiting room, eyeballing all the exits and really pissed off at having to be there. Then the door opens and I am ushered into the white room of sadness… Eish.. where was that exit again? *looks around feverishly*

The dentist walks in, takes a look at me and her whole face lit up and she then said:

“When I walked in and saw your hair it just elevated my spirits and made my day so much brighter! So many happy colours!


I felt like I had won the lotto. Her response was so pleasant and positive that I forgot to be nervous as her cheerfulness washed over me like a rainbow of love.

What a wonderful way to start the weekend after all!

Hope yours is full of love, licks and leghumps πŸ™‚ I am busy getting ready to recharge all my batteries for the crazy endeavours that I have signed up for and above all else,keeping nipples crossed that I don’t die..hahahahaha!!!