Not a chicken!!


Sir Maximus – probably the most handsome redhead in the world! #truestory


I love this guy. He has changed my moments and made them funnier and with more love.

Hairybutt (as he is more commonly referred to) has not been without issues.

Shame, his skin has been such a nightmare. His short time with us has been a vicious cycle of creams, omega fatty acids, cortisone, antibiotics, cone of shame and being moaned at to stop licking/scratching/biting. 🙁

Poor poor boy. My heart broke. I sat with the Vet this last time, after he was put on antibiotics for the third time and we discussed his history, as much as I knew of it, and possible causes.

She then mentioned doing a food trial. And even though it was potentially quite expensive we leaped at the opportunity if it held possible relief.

It was to be done in stages. First we remove all CHICKEN and then all related Chicken proteins.

Chicken?? I was a little shocked by this. As chicken is quite possibly his all favourite vegetable! hahahaha!!! Hairybutt goes ballistic if he smells chicken. We even have to cordon off the kitchen if I am cooking it, he gets THAT manic!

But the Vet very kindly pointed out that chicken is one of the largest allergens currently with dogs. WHAAAT!!!??? Who knew? I most certainly did not. Would never ever had thought that, to be honest. My whole life has been a lie.

So we took notes, and started immediately by removing all obvious chicken and then were going to change his dry food as well to a alternate protein based food after a few weeks. As we discovered that most pet foods that you buy have a protein base of chicken.


Like a light switch had been flipped. His life had changed by week two. We hadn’t even started changing his protein based food. Just removing the obvious chicken sources. And he was no longer licking/scratching/biting.

I cannot explain how much of a difference it has made to him and to us!

This is not a drill, folks, I shit you not. Chicken is fowl. Keep the feathery fucker away from my BOY!

It has been 6 weeks now and since then, his skin has healed up completely, his coat has returned to its overfabulous glory and in all seriousness he constantly looks like he just stepped off a Timotei advert. Damn!


His flowing red hair just shines and waves about. It is RIDICULOUS!!! LOL! I mean.. JUST LOOK AT HIM!!!

This just confirms it. Sir Maximus is indeed my kindred spirit. His greatest LOVE is also his greatest enemy. For me it is Chocolate, for him it is Chicken. Together we will just power through the madness.

With enough cuddles and loves, we will both get through this….

Have you experienced anything like this with your pet? Would love to hear about it.