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Bergtheil Bedroom2

I helped Cheapflights write an article about the top things to do in Durban. My contribution was sharing about one of my all time favourite spots here in DURBAN…


From the first holler announcing my arrival at the old Stalwart – Addington Hospital, a stone’s throw from the most beautiful coastline on the East Coast, Durban – you have my heart.

Lived here all my life and no one can deny the natural attraction of our suburbs, the almost 365 day sunshine and sheer magnificence of our beaches!
But even more than the natural beauty, the amazing weather and friendly people, we are also home to some of the most interesting museums and historic sites!
One of my favourites being the Bergtheil Museum:

“Named after Jonas Bergtheil, this museum is situated in the leafy suburb of Westville, almost midway between Durban Central and Pinetown. The museum is housed in Westville’s oldest building (c.1840) featuring massive stone walls and hand-hewn timber floorboards.” – Source Bergtheil Museum Official site

I just love the old house. When you step inside, you are instantly transported to a time long gone and yet wonderfully preserved household items and lifestyle remnants for us to enjoy.
The story behind the Museum is a truly fascinating one of Jonas Bergtheil and well worth the visit to the house to experience a day in the life of him and his family! From how they cooked, how they stored their food and how they familied. ?
I love History, and here where I live in the most Beautiful City in the world (aka Durban) – it is a smorgasbord of life lived long ago.

Do yourself a favour and pop on over to the Museum. But do phone ahead and ensure that there is a tour guide. The tour guide is a must if you want to experience it properly.

Have a most beautiful Tuesday!