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There is nothing more exciting for kids than to walk into a store dedicated to FUN!


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Over the years, my anklebiters have all gone to GREAT LENGTHS to navigate me towards the fun zones aka toy stores on the various excursions to buy essential groceries.

I am a tough sell, but also a Softie McSoftie – and I normally succumbed to their little cutie pie faces…

Their faces when they walk in and see all the goodies on the shelfs!! Rushing back and forth to me to show me the latest “COOL THING” and “LOOK AT WHAT THIS ONE DOES!!” .. hahahahaha. I do love kids so much!

Years later, kids are almost all grown up and first grandbaby growing faster than illegal weed in the back garden and a fabulous opportunity opens itself to me!

“Come and visit our new toy store opening in Ballito, bring the kids!”

Little BabySkye had no idea of the amount of fun she was about to have!


From the moment we arrived till we left it was nonstop fun and discovery. We were greeted by a Princess and Pirate. Who can say that every day?

Princess & Pirate

BabySkye immediately made a beeline for the Thinking Tree. Now if you have never been to any of the Toy Kingdom stores, you are in for a treat. This tree takes centre stage and is full of interesting things to do and discover. And you can even pop the husband in the tree to sit in the ballpond to catch up on his twitter feed while you get down to the business of shopping. Win-Win.

Toy Kingdom Thinking Tree

The staff were amazing and I can honestly say – Best experience in a toy store for a while. Bearing in mind, I have been in many. But obviously not too many of recent.

BabySkye was a hit, she touched everything, gave everyone her best smile (with dimples) and even got a ride in a car when she was done giving the animals a talking to in the Ark.

Toy Kingdom Ballito Junction

But while she romped about with her momma, I took a look around.

With an experienced eye of a seasoned mom who has bought more toys than she could afford to, I not only looked at the layout, educational value but also the price tag. And I have some very exciting news to share.

Of all the displays in the store, and there was quite a wild variety from Star Wars alarm clocks for the older childrens (grown assed kidlets) right through to teddies and waterwings, there was one wall that really piqued my interest.

When I asked about the brand, as I had not seen them before, I was told that Toy Kingdom were exclusive stockists of the Bamboo/wood educational HAPE toy range.

HAPE is not only mostly wood/bamboo made educational toys, but exceptionally affordable!

Hape Educational Toy Range at The Toy Kingdom Ballito

Do not miss this on your next trip. #trustmeonthis !

BabySkye was also gifted with a voucher by the store, just for visiting! And in excitement (mostly her Mom’s) going through the store, we found some lovely items that we felt Babyskye would really love and would assist her current developmental milestones.

So after much deliberation by BabySkye, we chose the Hape Block & Roll, Hape Rhythm Set, a ball , a couple of Castanets and few other bobs.
She is well on her way to musical genius with the Rhythm set and Castanets, and the Block & Roll to transport her equipment. ROCK & ROLL!!!!

Toy Kingdom Ballito Junction

I want to thank Ballito Toy Kingdom Staff. You are amazing. Friendly, knowledgeable and ever so agile in helping me secure items just out of reach! (thanks mr agility, you rock!)

We will be back for the items we left behind. BabySkye really needs to have the Xylophone and Drum set so that she can start a band with Grandpa!

Visit the new Toy Kingdom store at Entrance 1, Ballito Junction mall 

Email :  or Phone on 064 612 9689.

If you want to follow & find some more information on the products above, here are the official links.

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Stay Beautiful, Love the Kiddies and Live Large!