The adoption…

December last year, my life changed dramatically….


It happened so fast and unexpectantly – that moment when I saw him, I knew he was coming home with us.

Backstory: The husband and I had been in solid talks for months about getting a little scruffball for us to love and spoil. But we were at odds as to breed/age/size.

He wanted:

  • A puppy to train
  • Medium to large in size
  • Must be runner dog for him to run with


I wanted:

  • A potty trained dog (older than 6 months)
  • Preferably a rescue
  • Not too big, not too hairy


hahahaha – the universe watched us go around in circles and circles and munched on popcorn.

Eventually, the universe dusted off the salt and kernel corns and prodded Mamazombie to tag me in a post regarding a rescue sitting in the kennels for over a year, a little hairybutt just sitting there waiting for us.

Wait let me find the pic … *scratches on fb* .


<em><strong>The face that melted my heart..</strong></em><em><strong>an Undercover Fiery Redheaded Border collie</strong></em>

The face that melted my heart.. an Undercover Fiery Redheaded Border collie

So I showed SexyG the FB post… and he laughed.

He knew, he is a smart boy.

How can this little pumpkin be in a kennel for over a year!!??? That is just sadness wrapped in red fur with brown eyes!!!! :O

So off we go to visit Sir Maximus at the Border Collie Rescue.

We were met with this shy, fat boy who seemed to only respond to num-nums. I knew then that this was a match made in heaven! He was my spirit animal.

SexyG laughed all the way back home (we had to leave him there so that we could prepare for his arrival.) We had just met the newest member of our clan ;).

Here is this pooch that we are going to be adopting in the morning, he does not meet all on his checklist – nor does he meet all of mine, but he is perfect. He ticked all the right boxes in our hearts.

But it wasn’t all roses and perfume…

He came with some baggage:

  • He flinched a LOT!
  • Disliked feet.
  • Would growl & bare teeth if touched on the belly.
  • Would jump up and run away if you stepped over him
  • He did not know what a ball was… for reals.
  • Not super affectionate, cuddles made him uncomfortable.
  • Loves the car!
  • Super UNFIT – could barely make it up and down the driveway.
  • Loves his fluffy bear!

That was FOUR months ago.

Four months of love, patience and a trim to avoid stepping on his tail hair.. and now:

  • He barely flinches anymore
  • We are allowed to tickle him with our feet (AND HE LOVES IT)
  • Still doesn’t like being touched in places, but more comfortable now
  • He just lies in the middle of everywhere and gives no hoots who is stepping where
  • Balls –  if we play our cards right, will engage in some play. But not too much!!! hahaha!
  • Not only cuddles with me, but follows me EVERYWHERE!!!!!!
  • Goes everywhere possible with me in the car.. it is his most favourite place when not running with SexyG.
  • Can do a 5km run with ease now!
  • Still loves his fluffy bear, and will greet us everytime at the door with fluffy between his teeth! 🙂
  • Discovered he loves getting dressed up – has a variety of bow ties, hats, wings and clothes already!
  • and so much more!!!


He is the best thing to happen to our home in a long time.


He has settled in so nicely already, even tells us when it is time to go to bed. THE CHEEK!

At about 9ish he will start getting restless and make noises that he wants to go to bed, he is tired and this staying up late is not for him. he will get quite frustrated if we do not pay attention to his demands and (not so subtle prompts) – THEN the paw comes out and I lose skin as he forces me to listen..hahahaha!

When we got him, there was some question as to how old he was – the Vet confirmed for us that he is about 4 years old, in perfect health and a proper gentleman ;).

Sir Maximus Reginald Hairybutt³  – What a life changing decision it was to accept you into our home, our hearts and our life.



The reality is that adopting a rescue is never a walk in the park – there is always some history there and if the pooch stays in kennels for a period of time, this can add to feelings of neglect. But the rewards far outweigh the issues. If you have a little bit of patience and persevere, you will be gifted with such loyalty, love and laughter.

Sir Max has been a challenge to start with, we had to be cautious of not triggering him and just working on trust & love.

Before I leave, here are some more pics of my boy – and a video 😉




Don’t tell anyone, but I think he rescued me, not I him 😉

Have a MOST Fabulous Weekend 🙂