Nervously Enthusiastic..

So I am almost 3 weeks into healthier eating and going strong.


It isn’t as tough as I thought it would be and since I already know most of the rules, most of the guesswork is done.

I feel some weight has shifted from me and even though I would appreciate if I just woke up skinny the next day, the reality is that it is a journey – a long and complicated journey of tears, frustration, lust, yearning and determination.

Almost sounds like a love story. And in a lot of ways, it is. Chocolate and I are intrinsically and emotionally connected on a very personal level. I know it is bad for me, but I still yearn for it to slide between my lips and feel it melt in my mouth…… It calls me with promises of gratification, it taunts me lingering memories of decadence and delight.

Damn it!


But I am tough, I am stronger that the stench from a hobo’s armpit. Sttteeeeeerrrrrrooooong!!!

Nonetheless my mind is already starting to slip – At the start, I needed a starting weight, so I was forced to go buy a scale. Now all I want to do is jump in the scale to check if I have lost weight. The mania was really getting quite bad and had to ask the husband to please hide it from me.  Which he has done. This has not stopped me from looking for it. Not at all.


I have been getting some help from my friends, they have been so supportive in listening to me whinge and moan. I do appreciate this more than they know.

……Have I told you lately about Mich??
She is the ABSOLUTE   BEST!!!


Mich from ORDINARY MISFIT has been a real super trooper, encouraging me at every step and even feeding me some of her delicious FitChef meals. Which are UBER delish! Would recommend this as a great way to eat healthy without the fuss of cooking/weighing and or drama.

Would be a great option for me if I didn’t have a big family that requires feeding too 😉 (they whinge worse than I do if I forget to feed them).

So my question today for you is this – what is your GOTO meal plan when you need to shed a few kilos? Do you just cut snacks or do you go full tilt and drink carrot juice for 3 days? And what are the results?

Would love to hear your stories.