My ordinary world …

The world around us is in chaos, the memes are running wild and people are in panic/shock and in some cases just wont stop laughing.


And here I am, putting a strike through my third cluster of strokes, marking day 15 of no chocolate and almost zero carb intake.

The tears roll down my face, not due to the political climate of the world – but due to this harsh climate of mine.

Selfish, right?


I am left asking my body why it hates me, why does it cling to fats and carbs like they are long lost lovers? Why can’t I be one of those girls that “forget to eat”  or at the very least have a working thyroid ?? It is like all the planets aligned one day and said :


Planet 1  : “Let’s throw all the obstacles at her and see what happens”

Planet 2 : “Hahaha – my money is on her cracking before she reaches 40!!”

Planet 3 :  “Wait !! Let’s make it really interesting and create a strong gravitational pull around her so that the scale really makes her cry!”

Planet 4,5, 6,7 & 8 : “Count us in, this should be good for a laugh if nothing else..”

Planet/Not a Planet 9: “Can I join in this time??”


Assholes –  well the jokes on them – I made it past 40 and the only crack so far is the one that I was born with.

I am a fighter and this is just one of those waves that I will ride till I reach shore once more.

This weekend, I will make some more of those date choc balls to help curb my cravings, besides it will keep me busy and distracted 😉

If anyone is interested in the recipe for chocolate fake balls, here is a recipe–>


chocolate & coconut healthy bliss balls

It is INSANELY delicious and a great substitute when the struggle is real 😉

Hope you are having a really good week and keep safe now on the roads, just heard on the radio that more flooding is expected over the next few days with Northern KZN being an area of concern.

So drive safe and batten down those hatches!