Dammit man…

I was going to be sharing my latest vlog with you this weekend but instead I sits here..in sadness.

Funny how one thing can make you stop and reflect on the cruelty of humanity?


My soul hurts


My family keep asking me if I am okay.. why have I gone so quiet. But everytime I try open my mouth to talk, I find I have nothing to say.

How do I talk about something I do not understand?

I am so damn saddened by the callous and hard handed approach of others, and even if it was not directed at me, it touched my soul and now I am unable to shake the hatred and contempt of others.

Situations do at times occur, even for the strongest passivists, moments of extreme exasperation. Where we find ourselves wanting to throw pot plants and possible say some things best left unsaid, and YES – everyone is entitled to their opinions in life.Just not the delivery of it. I feel that how you react to a situation says far more about you than it does anything else.

Maybe I am being sensitive, or maybe I have just had enough.

I need time to work through this, because my kneejerk reaction is not positive.

But when I do respond, I will take responsibility for my actions and not blame it on the situation, like an adult.

I am responsible for all I say and do. As are you and everyone around the world.

Situations are and will always be,

but how you react,

what you say

and how you express yourself..

that shit sits on you.


All I ask is that we keep it tidy. Keep it clean and behave like adults. Especially in front of children. Because we are supposed to be examples. So try not to be a bad example.