All the feeels..

Just so many of them.


in the past few months between my dentist and my doctor, they both have told me I have ZERO fucken chill.

The dentist recommends I try meditation and “other” pre bed techniques… I doubt I need to elaborate on what he meant there 😉 .

And my doctor gave me drugs to calm the fuck down. so many drugs.

Stress is a real thing for me right now. And mean people feel just meaner and in general I am battling to deal. with. any. thing.

If I pick up a carrot and it is the wrong size.. I want to cry and go to bed.

When the kids are assholes (all the damn time) … I want to cut the power to their rooms and change the wifi password.

Work is overwhelming me, the usual ebb and flow is scary and when the phone rings – I run out the door and refuse to answer.



—– The drugs help, but they also make me slow and weird.

Professional help is not an option. because I have trust issues and they just want to write a book.

This too shall pass… lets just hope I get through this without breaking all my teeth or completely cracking at the wrong time.