Pumpkin is Growing

Finally, all that nail madness is behind me (for now).


I have to admit to loving it though. It is almost like a mini canvas for me to get all artsy fartsy.. WHAT AM I SAYING!!!!



Teeny tiny little boards spread over ten digits for us to create billboards (if you are into hoarding) or just do a same-same with a hint of accent.


The challenge to get the look you see in your minds eye on these little canvases as opposed to mess you see before you can be quite heartbreaking as you grab the polish remover and start over. But every now and again you get something just right and life is good.

Till it chips. fuck.


Speaking of teeny tiny things.. You should see how this grandchild of mine is like a weed!! I forget just how quick these little munchkins can grow and in four months she already has me taking a double step as I see the change with each visit. Visits are not nearly as often as they should be, but I am one of almost a dozen or two family so the love is shared.


Just look at that cutie pie!!! You can see I am the favourite 😉 Gosh – Has anyone figured out how to freeze time yet? I may need to have access to that kind of technology quite soon. I feel like I am on a rollercoaster with no brakes. One minute I am at Club Med –  the next thing I know, kids all around me and suddenly now this little cute bundle of fluff is here for me to cuddle.

Just a few days ago, standing in the kitchen, I realised I was the shortest person in the house. Towered over by the 4 guys. I almost karate chopped them in the knees –  Just to keep things real, until I realised they run faster than me and retribution is a bitch.

Anyway, enough rambling from the now, short and old lady..

Keep well and if you are doing the Color Run this weekend in Durban, Look out for the mad crowd and come say HI!! – I will be the sane one amongst them, possibly making tea.