What an amazing word nonword!


It makes you almost want to achieve it’s incredible level of pretentious happiness, even if you are not really there yet.

I am not there yet, but I keep working on it.

Learning new things, fixing old.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that the #31DC2016 is in full swing. Nails for days. The challenge is almost over and in the last leg. This section is quite interesting and REALLY gets the creative juices flowing. (sounds quite porno, doesn’t it?)

But while doing my nails like a mad mofo, I decided to touch up my roots –  bring the blue back to life and enhance my pink 🙂

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I love that I can do my own hair, but sometimes I miss going to a salon , just for the wash.. that moment when you are escorted to the back room and you get all weak in the knees because you know!!! You know that you are about to have warm water rush over your head and gentle and caring hands will MASSAGE conditioner into your scalp , hopefully with love and understanding, because they know that at home you can barely remember if your hair is wet because you have just washed it or from the 10 minutes you sat on the shower floor hiding from the world and all the adulting you are forced into every damn day…


Ja, I miss it.


But all is not lost because I can at least do it myself and not look like the raggedy ann I feel like most days.



Have a fabulous Thursday. Almost time to call wine o clock and I am going to be ringing the bell hard today 😉