Vamped up..

I finally did it!!

I revamped my blog look!



It was very frustrating at moments (aaargh!! SOOOO MANY OF THEM!!!) and even though I am not without code skill – sometimes it feels like my mouse hates me, the pc is on a PERMANENT coffee break and that there is not enough wine/chocolate to get through it all. Which there wasn’t I might add. I had to send the husband out on an emergency chocolate run while I rocked back and forth on the couch clutching the puppy that came to visit yesterday.

My Current Mouse.. Might be time to upgrade.          .woman

…When all you want is for things to go RIGHT

There are still changes to be made and much more fiddling as I discover broken code and other little annoying things.

Please let me know what you think. Any recommendations or find any errors???

*bites lip*



BTW : Puppy is UBER adorable and next time he comes to visit I may kidnap him. Also he looks like a she and may or may not be gender confused due to mistaken identity #notmyfault #heisafrikkencutiepie