She not only has one but TWO dimples!!

Just the cutest darn little pumpkin grandbaby ever.. last night I had her giggling and laughing so much that I got 1¾ dimples activated!!

Next time I will strive to tickle her to 2 dimples and attempt to snap a pic off at the same time!

I have a mission!


Cuteness Overload

How is everyone doing? Hope your days are full of fun, laughs and love.

My days are busy busy.. and when I am not busy busy, I am hunting Pokémon with the guys, doing bootcamp, trying to eat less junk and make time for the important people in my life.

Later today I will be starting on my new TUTU!! Using needle and thread this time. The other one is very dated and did not wash as well as I had hoped.  As I have so many fun walks planned.. I really need a TUTU to get through them ALL!!

Just quickly wanted to share something on my mind though before I run off and get through my Monday TODO list…

FB for me has become that place where all the hate lives. Instagram is easier to handle as most people just post all their happy on it.

This weekend had me closing my FB app and refusing to open it again because of a particular individual who has been touting much hate speech on my timeline. I was going to unfriend her but then again, is that not me hating on her for being a hater?
At first I tried to ignore her and scroll past but she spent the whole weekend just spouting such anger and derivative remarks towards white people and DA supporters.
Eventually I just asked her to stop hating on white people so much, because it is not nice to see and perhaps she should unfriend me . I am not there for her to verbally attack online as I do not spout hate speech regarding her political choices.
She replied to me “I am not hating white people”  then her friend replied with an image of a POC drinking from a water fountain labeled WHITE TEARS.  Which she liked.

Nice people, right?

So I closed the app and went about my life… because apparently I am just WHITE NOISE  …. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!  *see what I did there*

Viva La BEEE!!