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Easier said than done

I made a resolution not to post when I am angry, and I am not angry as much as disappointed. But I thought best I hold off on saying anything till I am able to without building up to anger.

I am disappointed in people who insist on hating on each other. I am disappointed in society for encouraging the hate, I am disappointed in the fact that I can’t seem to bring myself to verbalise my distaste for their obvious racist, sexist, homophobic and general idiotic discrimination of others.


I keep promising myself that the next person to display hate on my FB/Twitter/IG stream will be told off and removed.

But I don’t. Simply because I actually don’t think it is my place to hate on them for hating.. know what I mean?

However, the upsetness is real with me. Very very real and exceptionally  unhappy with the trend of late.

Let me share a sad story with you:

My son, in matric, came to me the other day and said “Mom, I need to go to the office, but have to walk around so please drop me at gate 2.”

Confused, I said “Why don’t I just drop you at the main gate and you go to the office directly?” . “No Mom, I can’t” he replied.

*slight pause*

“The security guard is a racist and wont let any of the white kids go through the main gate and chases us away.. ”


I just sat there and calmly asked ” Are you sure? I am struggling to believe that someone will be openly biased of another person based on skin colour? ”

“I know, but it is what it is. I don’t want to cause any trouble and no one can do anything about it because he is quite aggressive about it. I saw him once pull a white grade 8 boy one side and push him out of the way, shouting that he must walk around, while he allowed the black kids to walk through. It is just awful. But I do not want that to be me…”

“Sorry Pooks, sometimes people are stupid for no other reason than they want to be” and with that,  I proceed to drive all the way around to gate 2 so that my son won’t become a victim of racism, while he is actually a victim by being forced to walk the long way around.

This sits with me as a parent, as a person, as a human. Even if this was an isolated incident, which it is not, does not make it ok.

Life is tough enough, we will be thrown all sorts of hurdles in our path as we try to make it through with as little damage to our psyche, our environment and ourselves as possible, why would any of us make another person’s journey tougher by discriminating on them for just being?

As a child, I am not born to hate another person based on skin colour, nor do I care who they may love. But as an adult I do choose to accept the differences in others as I hope they will accept the weirdness in me.

Teach your kids to be more accepting of others, hopefully they will turn into more tolerant, forgiving and accepting adults who wouldn’t make a young boy walk all the way around because they do not like the colour of his skin.