Granny Bee (aka Meemaw)


She has dimples, cute as a button and takes after me of course πŸ™‚

I say that and then some numbnut asks how is that possible when I am not a blood relative. Of course I am her Meemaw! What is wrong with this idiot?


Family is not always blood. It is the people in your lifeΒ  that want you in theirs. If by adoption, marriage or by chance. They make a choice every single day to be a part of your life, your love and your moments. And eventually it no longer is a choice, it just is.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be blessed by family, and others of us have been blessed with such a blended family of love it is almost ridiculous!

I may not be blood, but she is one of mine, just as are all the kids here. I love them all and feel all the feels right along with them. Some are from marriage and some made by me. It is all the same. Squishies and morons everywhere. Dealt enough love to keep them going forever.

This is what family is, not a microscopic DNA strand only discernible by a lab. Family is heart, family is us.

Wait till you meet her, you will all agree, such cuteness can only come from her Granny Bee, it is as obvious as the nose on your face.

Have yourself a superbly tittilatin Tuesday,