What the weird???


It took a few hours for me to get the story straight.

When I awoke, there were flashes of what happened, but as the day wore on, it has mostly reformed itself.

All I can say is “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!??!”

What am I talking about? The weird dream/nightmare/torment that I had last night.

Not sure how or why it came about.  I am not psycho expert, but I do believe that my mind may need to calm the fuck down.

Where to start? How to explain what happened? There was no beginning really, just a general twisty turviness …



It is about my new surroundings, and in the dream I was exploring the garage which suddenly seemed far larger than before.

In fact there was a shelf off the the side of the roof. Almost like a new dimension????

I walk around the building and see not only a staircase leading up, but windows and what appears to be a flatlet.

I remember thinking:

“BONUS!! Wonder if the landlord knows of this extra space?!!”

How did SexyG appear next to me? Who knows, but there he was 🙂 .

He seemed unfazed by the sudden extension. So we go up and in.

Inside there was a fully furnished sitting room and further stairs going up, in fact with each set of stairs we took, more appeared!

Three flights in total (I think). And a loooooooong corridor.

The whole place was furnished with what can only be described as; old lady furniture.

Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, tv room and more.

I phoned my Mom, and announced that I have the PERFECT place for her! And kept exploring, so excited by the find.

Nothing seemed too weird by the discovery, my heart was full at the thought of my mom joining me at my new home.


There was one random door though. This door made me a little scared….I made the mistake of opening it.

I really shouldn’t have, but I did.  To be honest, when have I ever listened, even to myself??


The door opened and inside was a weird medical type setting. It was filthy. When I walked inside, I felt a shimmer.

Why did I keep going in? Why did I not just turn and run?

Everything felt different. I no longer felt excited at exploring or my discovery. In fact, I was very aware that SexyG was not with me and yet I was most definitely not alone.

I think I kept walking.. I am not sure what I did. I felt panicked.

Something was not right. My mom cannot live here. But I really want her to!! ” But this is not really possible, is it Briget.”

Oh Great! Now I am talking to myself.

Why did I open that door and what malevolent spirit did I set loose in my mind.

How do I get back and why does it feel like I am trapped in this room??

At some point, I think I was being chased. I also remember painting over a crack in the wall, and crying.

Damn. That was a stupid move going in there.

I don’t know how I got out of there. Not really sure I even did.

The pain of loss was so damn real when I woke up and realised that my moment of happiness was over. My mom was not going to be able to come live with me.

Thankfully it was all a dream.

Sadly, it was all just a dream.

I think tonight, I need to work on some mind relaxation techniques and perhaps some happy thoughts.

Not sure I can handle another night of crazy.