Hot Date


It is a Thursday and I am off to get my pamper on with my GIRLFRIEND!!!

Have a TODO list stuck on the fridge, just for the guys left behind, that way they don’t feel that I have forgotten about them.


I have been so super busy between work and home, but I am extremely pleased to announce that there is nary a box in sight and I have 90% of the curtains up (much to the dissatisfaction of the local peepingtom).

Babyshower went off pretty well for the almost here munchkin and now we count the days till shit gets real for everyone.

I do not think that the impact what is about to happen has fully settled with them yet and am a little concerned about it. But that is why we are here, to glue back the wheels that fall off and laugh into our glasses of wine at the “we told you this was kak hard” moments.


There are enough of us grandparents around to get this job done, in any case. (9 in total) Talk about being blessed with greatness šŸ˜‰ #seewhatIdidthere?

Anyway, let me go slap on some make up and get my groovy self ready for some fun fun fun!!

Have a fabulous Fake Monday,