Send the paramedics…


With the way the last few days have been..

(Not sure if you know of the incident last week in the shower where I glued my hands to my ass…uhm.. maybe I will tell you about it another day. When it is funny to me as well)

… someone may need to rescue me (again)

The reason for the pending possible (yet highly probable) rescue mission is simply because I currently hold in my possession a GIANT bag of green chillies..



And I am about to embark on cooking up some Mazavaroo!!!

In case you are not aware, this is a chillie paste which is positively to die for!! … Which may or may not be my result if I am not careful.

If no one hears from me in the next few days.. send rescue. I have probably gone and:

a) rubbed my eyes

b) scratched my nose

c) wiped my hoohaa (toilet visit)

d) attempted to put contacts in

e) all of the above

.. with CHILLIE on my fingers.

This is just how my luck runs. I am such a klutzy dumbass these days.

So send me happy thoughts and Unicorn kisses.. I am off to chop,sautee and grind the green little hot sticks and make them MINE!!!! #YUM! #Braveface