Friendly Friday..


Have you ever had just the kakkest day

or a week from hell?

We all have, and with the added pressures of adulting this is sadly more a regular occurrence as opposed to a rare event.

This is not me today, but it could be me tomorrow… it could possibly be you right now.

So as a social experiment,  I went about complimenting random people I interact with during the day.

complimentary colours

Taking the time at the checkout till – to tell the cashier how lovely her hair looks, expressing to the lady at Steers how her efficient and friendly service really made a positive difference in my life and even waving at the guy at the traffic STOP/GO with a smile.

The general response to this has been amazing. I can see on their faces how just me being friendly and positive to them has had an impact.

I know that if the people I interact with during the day were as friendly, things would be far nicer all round. Heaven Forbid, there may even be less kak days while adulting.

So I CHALLENGE you all.


Go out and take the time to acknowledge, compliment and smile at the people you interact with. You may be pleasantly surprised what a difference this will make, to not only your day, but theirs.