Knot sure about Knitting..


Granny-to-be Paranoia incoming..


Last week the conversation came up of what do we want to be referred to as almost grandparents.


My knee jerk reaction was to spurt “Baby can call me anything, except asshole”. Instead I bit my tongue and just looked into the distance.

I think they chose something but I stopped listening. I was reminded that a little bambino was on the way in just a few short weeks.

I am so not prepared for this.

I panicked at the thought of holding and caring for my own little babies, and really hoping that no one sees the panic in my face when asked if I want to hold the little bambino.

It is not that I do not like babies, to the contrary!! I am just a very nervous person and always cautious with precious cargo. And these little guys are super precious!

Perhaps it will be fine and I will handle like a pro, but there is a chance I will hit a flat panic and run away, which will obviously be interpreted as me being uncaring or aloof.


Shit will surely get real, so perhaps I should start trying this knitting thing? Just not so sure that I am cut out for that. Will probably knit myself into a corner and trip over the tangles knocking myself unconscious.

No, on second thought.. knitting is not my thing. I will need to find my niche in this blended family of many grandparents. Just not sure of what that will be right this second.

Oh and before I go, Here are some nails for all my Nail FANS!!!


Look how sexy these MOFO nails are!!!!! #nailedIT



P.S. It is going to be a little grandbaby girl, So if you have any assvice for me.. SHOUT!! (I am only in the know about little boys.. so super new territory for me!!)