My Fandangle is dangling…


I am stealing this moment to breath.

Life just seems to get busier and faster all the time. It is like a whirlwind of TODO’s and commitments. Barely finding the time to shower and pee.


Currently, I am juggling two jobs* and the stress is showing. I am not really here, but here all the damn time. IYKWIM

And to make matters worse, last month while editing a shop file the power tripped and the server took it upon itself to delete the WHOLE SHOP FOLDER.. just for shits and giggles.


Motherfucking Murphy has so much to answer for, and one day when I get my hands on that shriveled up old sphincter.. he will regret all the kak he has caused me.

Until then, I have had to work hard to search and recover what I could and redo what I couldn’t. #funtimes.

This is why us adulting adults are allowed to drink, even in biblical days they acknowledged the very REAL NEED to have wine.  Now before you break your credit card limit at LiquorTown, I don’t mean drink so much that you cannot tell the difference between your ass and elbow, but definitely a glass here and there to ease the agony of adulting.

I am of the firm conviction that these are growing pains and one day I will look back and laugh and laugh and laugh.. but not now.

Now, shit is real and I am keeping my head down, my heart open, my hands busy and my feet moving. And if all all fails, we shall laugh in the madness and drink wine.



*we won’t even get into the fact that I have 4 adult males (5 if you count the husband) in my care. So there is washing, cooking, cleaning, shouting and crying for DAAAAAAYYYYYZZZZZZZ…