Big things…


Gosh, I just cannot keep up with the demands of life, love and leghumping.


I got such a fright today when my youngest asked me to please take him for a haircut because tomorrow is school.

Tomorrow, one more sleep, a few hours away and the curriculum for 2016 gets into full swing…. licks and leghumps to teachers and pupils alike, shit gets real for you guys soon.

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY!!! —>>> One more sleep and my pumpkin embarks on his final year at school!!!

Then that is it. No more school-school ! And yes, He will still continue to study but it is quite an end of things too.

  • No more school runs at 7am and 3pm, this will be replaced by work/uni runs at all the damn hours.
  • No more uniforms, I will instead have to watch him reinvent fashion and run after him with a belt in fear of his jingle jangles being exposed.
  • No more lunches to pack, no more structure, no more of so very much of the mom things we like to complain about..

So this is me, holding on to the final year of fun with my youngest as he struggles through finals and pressures of Grade 12 while still maintaining his cool status all the while secretly hugging and kissing his mom when he is sure no one is looking.

And if anyone knows how to decipher the stupid CAO online thingy, please message me. That shit is just stupid crazy.



P.S. Oh and I may not have mentioned it before, but this is the year I become a Granny too ๐Ÿ˜‰ย