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There is nothing,

I have no Christmas wishlist, I have no tree up.. the tinsel is still in the box and the lights will not twinkle for me this year.

It is NOT a sad time, just more of a time out. This is my ‘off’ year where we have no kids with us and it is just the two of us doing unchristmassy stuff.


We did the Karkloof Canopy tour one year, another one we went to the beachfront and handed out random things before sitting on the sand licking ice cream.

I used to feel sad after the divorce all those years ago when I realised that I was not going to have my pumpkins with me for every Christmas. SHIT, that was a tough thing to work through!!!

My heart goes out to all newly single parents who have to suffer the feels like I did/do/have.

Nowadays it is not so bad, I look at it as a breather, a reprieve from all the pressure that we as parents have upon us to cook/buy/wrap and be merry despite the financial and commercial pressure that this season holds.

So here I am, ready to pack a picnic basket and maybe do a drive to a secluded spot and just chill, or even stay in happy pants and watch the DOCTOR WHO Christmas special.

What are your plans this year??

Have you been Naughty or Nice?? *snortlaugh*

Licks and Leghumps to all,