Ring and Dosy..


Dear Diary,

I am possibly in some dwang.

A few months ago, I noticed that my engagement ring has a slight crack where the pink sapphire resides, so took it off with the full intention to get it fixed.

I have done nothing to date. Not only that, I am really enjoying NOT wearing it  – but not sure what the husband would say about that.

You see, the ring is stunning.. but it has a protruding rock which gets caught on EVERYFUCKENTHING all the damn time.

I can’t sleep with it for fear of ripping my face off in my sleep and take it off often and then worry about losing or forgetting about it.


But now I have this tiny little wedding band and it is just comfortable. It is one with me.

How Do I tell the Husband without him thinking that I don’t like it –  BECAUSE I totally LOVE IT! It is very very pretty and a symbol of our love and whatnot, but completely impractical in the doings and screwings of the ewings.. If you know what I mean.

So here I sits and I see him looking at my hand at times, and worry that he thinks that I tossed it asunder or sold it for polish.


What to do.. Dilemmas for dayyzzzz!!