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Well Hello there Stranger!

I have some sexciting news to share.

Over the past two months, the husband and myself have been busy getting one of my little projects off the ground and into an online shop!!



There were many a late night, as the husband built the machinery for me and tested, retested and quadruple tested.

I had to rework artwork a gazillion times in order for it to be compatible, and then go about setting up the online shop environment….boring stuff, boring stuff, boring stuff.. and finally more boring stuff and a shop is READY!!

Please can we all WELCOME  —>  BECAUSEISHOP.CO.ZA !!!

We have started with nail vinyls, and small stickers.. and will be doing Wall Art and other goodies soon!

Ordinary Misfit was kind enough to review a few of the product and you can see how amazing they look HERE!! <–GO GO GO!! It is Nail Porn at its BEST!

I urge you all to just pop over to becauseishop, take a walk around the various sections and let me know what you think.

All suggestions and feedback is 10000% appreciated and I hope while you are there that you see something you love, because it was made with love, and leghumps, of course.

Have a fabulous day, and keep an eye out for the Penis Flyer Vlog coming soon!!!