Friendly love and licks…


Today has been a day of love and more love ..

.. some tongue thrown in and of course –> scandalous leghumping.



Because, not just one.. BUT TWO of my friends published posts *by me on the line.. TO DAY. VAN DAG. In one fell swoop.

So all the love for today.. none for tomorrow, obvs. *ehem*

online friends

I am feeling super loved and incredibly blessed. More so because no money exchanged hands in this process nor did I have to flash my boobs at anyone.. and I tried!!! (they apparently have their own boobs they will look at if they want to see boobies, go figure).

Friend one — Cassey from Bits n Pieces

Friend two – Megan from Mamazombiemumbles

Go over, give them love and licks , then come back here and give me love and licks!!!

THANK YOU UNIVERSE FOR MY FRIENDS, LOVE THEM ALL!! (love is a loose word for -> I appreciate you and desire your reciprocal licks)



*I am aware that the posts are by me, but the love is real and still totally counts.