Oooh what big eyes you have….



The better to see you with…


A few weeks ago I was approached by who are online spectacle specialists and asked if I would be interested in trying out their online shop and grab a pair of glasses for myself.

I was hesitant mostly because it is online and how do I see what the frame would look like on me?? How do I choose??

Easy, they said, as they promptly showed me the amazing TRY ON app they have on their site.

Try On Feature
Just upload your Pic and VOILA!!
You can see if they suit you!!

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: – When you upload your Pic it will ask you for your PD!  I had no clue what that was. So I did a quick Help search:

So What is PD?

Your PD stands for Pupillary Distance, which is the distance between your pupils in millimeters, Your PD is very important for accurately fitting your lenses to achieve vision acuity.



So there I was, ruler across the nose measuring my eyeballs. I measured 5 times, got 6 different readings, then settled on the average and declared that I am a PD63.  Seems to have worked out perfect.

The PD selected, image uploaded and then I got to “TRY ON” dozens of glasses. (This was my shortlist, dozens…hahaha) Talk about undecided.

Finally, I settled on these because they are edgier than my last pair but still suited my face. (also there is pink on it, of course!!)

My choice

My Choice, isn’t it just soo pretty with the gold and pink details and the edgy black rims?? #untzuntz

Frames selected, I checked all the details on the frames, length, width, etc. Just to make sure that it wouldnt be too big or small for my face. I used my previous pair of glasses as a guide to get an idea of how it will sit.

Then I said, ADD TO CART and continued with my lens options.

As I need prescription lenses, I just added my strength and selected the lens types and done.

Just like that. No other effort required. Toughest part of the ENTIRE process was selecting just one of all the hundreds of amazing frames.

Once everything was done, I thought that since it is an overseas online purchase, I am in for a LOOOOOOONG wait.


9 Days — 9 DAYS!!!

It took 9 days from the date of order till it arrived via courier at my front door. I wait longer for cup a tea here at home.

It arrived with a teeny tiny screwdriver thingy and a Really COOL case!

It arrived with a teeny tiny screwdriver thingy and a Really COOL case!

Firmoo have outdone themselves.

I am SUPER impressed with the service, the TRY ON feature, their frame selection, their COST!! (really amazing value for money) and then of course, the fact that I can see again!

Ehem, I did have glasses, but didn’t realise how scratched they were till I put on my new pair! I am ashamed that I waited this long before replacing the other pair.



Look how cool my Glasses are!

Look how cool my Glasses are!

OK, enough about me and my dramatic eyeball overhaul! Go over to FIRMOO right this second and go grab yourself a pair of fabulous new glasses!!

Go GO GO!!

Firmoo will have their daily top picks on their homepage. You can find Firmoo’s new arrivals here, new frames are updated here daily. If you’re looking for a good deal, you can find their 15% off discounted frames here.

You can also find Firmoo on their social media channels:






 I highly recommend them!

47 Million Leghumps to FIRMOO!