#31DC2015 challenge .. done!


OOOH… September was a rollercoaster ride.

I got older *koff-koff* and spent 31 days doing my nails…hahahahaha!!!

How random, right?

I cannot explain what it is about doing my nails that excites me and calms me at the same time. Perhaps it is the polish fumes, perhaps it is the intricate artwork involved, perhaps it is the non permanence of my current whimsy, perhaps it is all of these and more.

“Perhaps I am just a girl who likes pretty shit..”


Here are the results of 31 days of whimsical nail polish love and excite:

Which one is your favourite??  I am battling to decide as I loved doing all of them!!

I posted each of them every day on Instagram, and even did a few videos of them. Particularly the last day when I did the Glitter Barfing Dinosaur <–love love love love that one!

Big Question of course is — Will I do it next year??

My brain says “No, this was kak hard and challenging!!”, but my heart says “HELL YES!!” .

Licks and Leghumps to everyone,