Rain with C.R.O.W equals LOVE #rainkzn2015


Hello dear readers,

Thank you so very much for being so  patient with me in the last few weeks. The constant Nail SPAMMAGE on Instagram and the general disappearance of myself is tiring to say the least (for all involved).

I missed you all. Even the trolls… I even sent some ” please call me’s ” to some old stalkers.

In the meantime let me tell you of some of the fun I have been getting up to.

I was super lucky enough to be one of the few invited to  attend the Rain_Africa Durban Bloggers for C.R.O.W Educentre Event.



First Of all a BIG HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY


Happy BIRTHDAY Rain Gateway


It was AMAZING .. First I have to stress, you cannot just arrive at C.R.O.W and walk around. The reason for the facility is to rehabilitate and that means as little influence and interference from us humans as possible.

We were met with delightful (non alcoholic, I did look for the vodka) little drinks that looked way to good to actually drink!! hahahaha.

Claire from the C.R.O.W Educentre gave us a short presentation on the work that they do, how they assist the injured and rehabilitate the wildlife brought to them from as far as East London. Just BIG LOVE to them. amazing people.

It is just incredible the work that they do. And I can see why the RAIN team decided to sponsor them and support them in their endeavours.

Yusuf and Ryan from RAIN Gateway were amazing, from start to finish. They even had a little surprise for us and announced that we were to create our own body scrub mixes!!! I was incredibly intimidated with the prospect of creating a scrub with no instructions. EVERYTHING needs to have instructions!! How do we know what I did is safe and not a potential Bomb? I have been keeping my eye on it for tell tale fizzing sounds ;).

Potential bomb made, Claire whisked us off to take us on a very mini tour of the facility, and the baboons took a very keen interest in us, there was even some bum wiggling in our direction and I swear I saw one of them wink at us. (should’ve asked for his number)

Naughty Buggers !!

Back at the Educentre there was a WILDLY exciting (<- see what I did there) lunch ready for us.


Tummies full, Juani from Rain Africa head office took the floor and showed us a video of how Rain Africa harvests the organic components of their products. Interesting to say the least. Proper far and wide hunting for the best natural ingredients to bring us the best beauty products, of course.

I found the whole thing  quite fascinating, and if you are intersted to know more, they have videos on their Youtube channel (link below) .

And then, they announced their NEWS!!!!


RAIN AFRICA have just launched their very own range of perfumes.

Isn’t that just amazing!

Nectar is by far my favourite and I urge you all to go and decide for yourself.  I have added it to my Christmas wishlist!

Thank you Yusuf, Ryan, Juani and C.R.O.W !

It was amazing and I look forward to seeing more and more from you all.



Before you go, Why don’t you head on over to give them some love on their social media channels?


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P.S. Speaking of Christmas, Rain have a fabulous Christmas range coming out soon, this is not to be missed! So watch the gateway store for more details.