Spring to it..


Le Boing — Le Boing!!

So Tuesday was not only my day of birth celebrations… but also the start of spring and also the first day of the #31DC2015 nail challenge.


Fucken epic. Cake and love everywhere!!! My tiara paled in comparison to the shiny love that i was showered with. Thank you epic people in my life.. Thank you.


What the fuck. You were nowhere to be found on Tuesday? Overcast, rain and mist? Come right now. Silly weather.



I am going to attempt this manic challenge of extreme proportions. If you are interested on how I am faring

… you can follow all the madness on my instagram.  HERE


I have to crack on some work now.. Have a lot to do work wise before I leave for my Birthday weekend away with SEXYG!! (sexy times and lazy moments to be expected by the bucket loads!!)

Licks and Leghumps