Egyptian Aztec nails – Twinsie Nails


Morning Lovely people who read my blog.

(Yes, both of you )


Today I have something very pretty to show you.

Michelle from Ordinary Misfit dot com fame (yoh, I know famous fabulous people!!!) and I have decided to do twinsie nails. (Actually I begged her to play with me)

What are twinsie nails??

We decide on a theme/colour, and then do our own interpretation of it. Simple, and FUN!

And because there are so many different things to choose from we shipped the decision making process off to an external source of awesome, namely Jamcj. She rocked our prompt like it was 1999. Thanks Koeksister!!

Egytian Aztec in Green & Gold


 Polish Used:

Little Things – Gold & Gorgeous

Little Things – Everything emerald

Seche Vite – Top coat

All nail art done free hand.


I can’t wait to see Michelle’s version of the prompt!

As soon as hers is live, I will add the link here –>

Ok.. So what do you think??? Did I nail it? 

(Feel free to lie to me,  I need all the encouragement I can get. )


Licks and Leghumps



Please Note: The polish (Little Things from 1Direction) that  I used, is not that great to be honest..but it was on sale, so thought.. how bad could it be? Well, let me tell you. It is not great. Could not use striping tape as the polish lifts if you look at it in a funny voice. And that is with Seche.

**** this just in –> 1 Direction just announced their breakup.. wonder if it is polish related???