Vlog 8 – of xmas and sex..


Hello Everybody!!

I wanted to touch on a very serious subject regarding context and perspective.

Sometimes we all need to step away from our situations in order to truly make sense of it.

Some situations appear hopeless and in those times, I urge you to step aside and try look around those hurdles in front of you. You may be surprised to find a few friends standing right next to you, more than willing to help you over them.


This weeks vlog is about Pick n Pay, serious stuff some Dubsmash and a lady boner (mine)!

Direct Link to the youtube here.

Have a yourself a wonderful Sunday and chat soon.



Link as promised ..: https://reluctantmom.wordpress.com/2015/08/11/larry-at-a-pick-n-pay-and-my-wishes-around-a-venereal-disease/