Epic Fail + Moving on


When things go wrong, they seem to go wrong in technicolour!


I had a vlog setup to go up on Friday. It just needed slight editing (remove 5 seconds from the end)  and upload. Sounds simple right?

Firstly –  couldn’t get it off my device on to the damn pc..

then after sending it via another device – my usual editor refused to recognise it as anything usable, forcing me to use another program which then converted the file to a WHOPPING 1.2gb for 3minutes!!!

Ai Fok.

AFTER ALL THAT –  I finally managed to scale it down.. only to have internet issues connecting to youtube.


At this point I showed all my devices a BIG FAT ZAP. Shut down and went to My Sistras farm in Newcastle.


It was just not meant to be.. you were never meant to hear about Dr Nefario or the Minions Rush or about the teeny tiny socks. I hope to get all the technical issues sorted before this friday because I have a very interesting topic to share with you.. *spoiler alert* (It involves the Yoni and the Lingham)


I am back in DBN now and officially all partied out and exhausted. After a most awesome time in Newcastle – I came back at Saturday night to get ready for the COLOR RUN on Sunday.

Action shot

Thanks Medihelp for the awesome PhotoBooth and this awesome little GIF!! You guys ROCK(hard)

The COLOR RUN was huge fun and there are pics of it on my Instagram HERE.

And The Wakaberry after the run/walk/crawl/hop/dance/jiggle was very well deserved and earned.

Just battling to get some of the colour between my boobs off (very awkward spot indeed) and there is this stubborn spot on my back.Ohter than that..feeling good, no after effects at all.

If there is one thing I could change regarding the  race is is that next time, I am running it. Walking it was just toooooo long.  So best I get back on the treadmill so I can manage a run it without medical assistance!!!

Just before I go.. If anyone can recommend a great video editor, I would be very much in appreciate!

leghumps and licks