Red #PPSAnailchallenge


Red  is such a sexy colour, so I decided to PLAY this one..


I love making hearts, but as you can see my hand was shaking like a MOFO while I was doing it. I think next time I should have wine on hand before attempting finicky work.

But only one glass, because I am currently on ‘diet’. Such a kak story, actually. All this dieting and attempting to be thinner because the jeans are tight. Why don’t I just buy a bigger jeanpant? Why?

Because I am an idiot with dreams of being a supermodel type hot ol’ lady. I got the last two words done.. just need to work on the first few descriptors.

On to the Nail challenge, and, well, here we have it — > Aces High:


Aces High

I do believe that my gamble paid off!!! Waaaahhh!


ABOUT #PPSAnailchallenge:

We in the Polished Pretties SA Facebook group have created this nail art challenge and we would love to have you all join in!  You can post on any day on any platform (Blog, Facebook, instagram anything) and just use the #PPSANailChallenge.  You can also grab the InLinkz code for each topic if you want to link up that way. Remember that you can interpret the topics in any way you want!

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