Unicorn #PPSAnailchallenge


I am doing the #PPSAnailchallenge this month.

That means a month of NAILS!!

Exciting right?


You cannot really be surprised that I love doing nail art. It is just soo much fun and has proven quite calming, perhaps it is the fumes or perhaps it is the creativity, not sure.

So no apologies for Nail Spamming, just calm your tits and go ooh and aaaaah!!!

First Up is UNICORN!!


Cute RIGHT??

ABOUT #PPSAnailchallenge:

We in the Polished Pretties SA Facebook group have created this nail art challenge and we would love to have you all join in!  You can post on any day on any platform (Blog, Facebook, instagram anything) and just use the #PPSANailChallenge.  You can also grab the InLinkz code for each topic if you want to link up that way. Remember that you can interpret the topics in any way you want!




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