May #NailAnarchy Challenge Post – TV Show



So this month was “Nails Inspired by a character from TV/Series/Book/Movie” ..

quite a mouthful, don’t you think?

It was chosen by me, dumbass that I am, always trying to be difficult!

At least this time I knew what I wanted to do. Kind of.

Implementing it was going to be a whole other story as I delve into the fairly new territory of Acrylic 3D nail art.

I blame Naildit for getting me started on this fun and weirdly calming path of creating acrylic thingymahbobs.

So far I have tried bows, cupcakes, flowers, roses and for this exercise I made a FEZ and a TARDIS.

I battled with getting sharp lines on such a small surface and I am sure with tons more practise that this will be MUCH MUCH easier, but for now.. I consider this to be GE (Good Enough).


Tell me what you think!


Doctor Who!

Polish I Used:-

Sinful Color – snow me white

Essence – Holo Jewels

Color Club – catwalk queen

Blue , Red, Black and White Acrylic Powder

Seche Vite (Topcoat)

NailCandi – Manicure Sealer + UV Light (for applying the acrylic objects)


Now that you have seen an amateur in action, take a look at the pro’s and the awesomeness(nessness) they brought to the challenge!

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