Foibly foughts…


What if you are currently on a ‘break’ and tragedy strikes..?

What then?

We always think we have more time. Family’s have feuds.. friendships get splintered and previously loved ones are forgotten.

Then tragedy strikes or the toll of time rolls in and then there is no more time to say “You were important to me, I loved you.”

As people, we will differ in opinions, we will evolve as individuals and sometimes, we will outgrow. But does that mean  parting  ways must be done with anger and confusion?

So if there is someone in your life.. someone that has been important, someone that is now lost. Take this moment to say:

” Thank you for being a part of me, I have fond memories of our times together and even though our time is now over, I wish you well”

… leave a memory of positivity and a legacy of love.


Have a fabulous Weekend everyone!