Coffee & Chocolate – the start


KZN Coffee & Chocolate Expo 2015

This was the first of hopefully many such events to come to Durban.

I understand that some people were disappointed with the first event and here are my thoughts on it.

  • The actual event was extremely well publicised and very well set out, but for reasons that baffle the shit out of me, there were nowhere near enough relevant vendors there to represent.
  • I wish there were more vendors and demonstrations in general. <– At least a poledancing-chocolatefountainlicking-coffeebean or two?
  • The vendors that were there, did a fabulous job of display and information, I had laughs and discovered quite a bit from each and every one of them.
  • The pot cleaning stand was a bad idea… the smell made me naar.
  • They were all kind enough to allow me to photograph their wares and most allowed me to sample/test their goods.
  • The KZN Barista contest was ongoing throughout and I ambled over every now and again and loved the intensity and informative manner each Barista brought forward during the competition.
  • 1000 Hills Chef school ran a workshop for anyone interested to attend. I can tell you that this was an absolute favourite.
  • There were whiskey and chocolate truffle pairings! <– need I say more?



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All in all.. I will be back next year, It can only get bigger and better!