Explaining Nice…


Last night was such a proud mommy moment for me.

Parents evening is mostly such a drag of musical chairs and queues followed by confused educator trying to remember who your kid is.

I understand.. there are so many of them and there is you don’t really want your kid to be obvious as those are normally the troublemakers.
Last night, as we went from educator to educator, I was so proud of my pumpkin that I almost squished him in front of everyone.

(He would kill me, by the way)

His grades are average, some above average but the general feedback is:

“What an amazingly pleasant young man”

“Pleasure to teach”

“One of the Top Ten students in the school with regards to manners”

“Friendly, polite and well mannered”

and so on.

Could a parent ask for more, really?

So driving my boy to school this morning, I thank him for being outstanding and making me proud.

He mumbles and then says “But being nice is not going to get me anywhere, I think I should work on being less ‘nice’ “

Such a tough statement in a world of cut throat attitudes and disregard of others. So I answered him as best I could.

“Yes, this is true if your goal is to get ahead regardless of who you hurt and what you do.. then by all means, you are 100% accurate. Success will be fast, but it will be ugly.

But this is not the only way to exist and the truth is that being ‘nice’ means you CAN achieve success but it will not be as fast as when you are ruthless.

Success will be all round positive and your footprint you leave behind will not be one of destruction, but instead of positive growth.

So stay as you are my pumpkin, You rock and will achieve greatness.”