Bad Bite…


My poor pumpkin is so so sick.

He is in bed with a high temp and feeling just so damn yucky.

The Doc is not sure what it is but suspects Malaria.  Blood tests came back inconclusive so we have started him on Malaria tabs just in case.

And I feel bad. I kept laughing at him on Monday as he kept going on and on about the Illuminati and how they sent mosquitos to Mozambique to get him because he knows too much.

It was funny..

It is not so funny anymore.

Damn stupid things that cause moms so much worry and stress.

'Do you ever wonder if what we're doing is annoying?'

I have declared a moratorium that there will be no leaving the momma nest for the next twenty years.. because THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS!!


Keep well everyone, and give your pumpkins many snuggies and tickles.. they are our snuggle monkeys after all.