Impromptu PeePee…


Sounds very porno/naughty, I know.

I planned it that way. I am really sneaky like that.

The truth is , it was planned.  It was a planned peepee.

oh wait! peepee still sounds a little porno. What I REALLY mean by peepee is PP , which is an acronym for Polish Party.

So there we have it. I had a planned, get together with some of the lovely ladies from NailAnarchy.

There was cake, coffee and laughter!

Much of what was discussed falls under classified, but most of it was about polish, the colour..latest shades, techniqueing and of course the debacle of where to find the unicorns, SC snow me white & SC black on black.


I needed that, the weeks have been long, the stress real and the distraction welcoming.

AND AND AND !!! I managed to sneak two mani’s in as well. Left and right hands are currently sporting different looks. But I like them both, so just keeping them!DropDeadDelilah‘Drop Dead Delilah’zumbastoned‘ZumbaStoned’