The sniffles have overwhelmed my people and they are looking so unhappy.

I tried offering them chocolate but they are not biting — Feed a fever & all that stuff!
Oh Well, more for me 🙂


plan a

Monday was fun, I found my favourite sports t shirt AND I didn’t have to cook! Hotdogs #FTW.

Today is accounts, rugby matches, school meetings and hopefully a footrub at the end.. *hint-hint*

So what does the rest of the week hold?

  • Nails — have a day dedicated
  • Baking — have a new recipe I want to try
  • Work — but the good kind
  • Reading — currently enthralled in a brilliant book (more later)
  • Relaxation and Me time — TONS!!

What I wont do this week:

  • Stress — well, not too much
  • Get sucked into drama
  • Did I mention Stress??
  • Get Angry — must watch my temper
  • Eat too much — damn my baking plans might hurt this
  • Dishes — not at all

What are your plans this week? Anything you plan NOT TO DO?