Nuts completely she is…


Met a complete fucken nutter last night.

This woman lives in Delusionville, her friends are the make believe kind and when she speaks, only she understands.


I listened to her ranting and raving for hours and felt like I had stepped onto one of those reality TV shows where the one person jumps around, laughing, shouting, gesticulating and talking much crap while everyone just stands back and stares, hoping she isn’t armed.


It was surreal to say the least.

Throughout it all a few things became apparent to me:

  • She is a truly crap person
  • Her parenting skills are very questionable
  • Arrogance is not a becoming quality
  • She is obviously emotionally unstable
  • There is no reasoning with a mad woman
  • Arsefuk does not have a home, he has madness

Standing there, watching her as she behaved badly in a serious moment, I knew my son was wasting his time trying to get her to understand how her negative and chaotic behaviour is effecting him.

Also , it would appear that she is threatened by me as she said that if I was not there, she would have been far more pleasant.  I do not understand this statement as I had no idea that my mere presence was enough to unhinge her. I must check my allure and maybe dial it down a bit?

I question her perspective on things as she kept referring to her home as a ‘business’, and that fixing it up was her ‘job’ and that my son is her ’employee’.

I did look on her arms for needle marks as her speech was erratic and her eyes darted far to often for me not to consider that she was actually on cocaine or some other drugs.However, she was too far to see for sure, so this is still a possibility.

Needless to say nothing was resolved with them, but a whole lot was clarified. And with clarification, steps can be taken to protect my pumpkins from further emotional nonsense.

I see now what Arsefuk has himself tangled up with and understand why he is hesitant to address anything with her.  I wonder what the appeal is though, she must have money.. see no other reason why he would stick around.

Oh well, each to their own. Glad I don’t have to live there.  The chaos would drive me to day drinking.

My weekend was quite a tiring one emotionally and in truth I am glad it is over. Very glad.


Time to get going and push this craziness to one side.

Hope your weekend was better than mine!