Loadshedding.. the facts.


South Africa is in the grips of one of the worst power crisis for as long as I can remember and then some.


Currently the way it is being handled by Eskom  is clumsy and requires much patience and fore planning to survive.

I see no real end to it as my power cycles between on and off at the discretion of whoever is standing in front of the switch.

To say it is frustrating is an understatement. However, I try not to wail about it too much ( no point)  and just made and printed a schedule which I try work around so that I can plan for the worst while hoping for the best.

But there are Pros as well as just Cons to this negative situation.


  • I am learning a new language – French
  • Candlelit Dinners – très romantique
  • Going offline – finding something to do that does not require online tethering – Like Talking!
  • Discovering inventive dinners with a candle, can opener and wine.
  • Rethinking the grid, working on alternative power sources and truly getting to grips what is needed to power WATT <– see what I did there?
  • Braai!


  • Interrupted work time <- got a generator now.. problem solved!
  • Concerned about the purification of the water supply during down time.
  • Unplanned loadshedding in the midst of baking/cooking.
  • No aircon during heatwaves!!!

Yes, there are cons in this extreme situation, but we need to try work on solutions to make us less reliant on the grid anyway. Because..ZOMBIES!!