Zumbies are ppl too…


It is common knowledge that I fell off the fitness van last year..

things just got too hectic and I traded my spandex for a whip.

Last night I got invited to a Zumba class, and thought.. Heck! Why the heck not! I am a warrior , am I not!?



..So I didn’t DIE! <–bonus

However, it was bliksems HARD!

Still have no idea what moves I did or did not do. (I think I threw some people a zap sign while trying to show off my porn star moves) —  Because let’s face it – Zumba is just porn pretending to be fitness.. I kept looking for a pole to dance on.


After all my gyrating and boob wiggles I was convinced this morning would be a fail.

I am pleased to announce I can move my fingers and eyelids with zero pain, the rest is very iffy.

Let’s see what happens when I go back tomorrow 😛